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Baby Mimic - Black and Gold

$20.00 - $35.00

This baby Mimic's Pigmentation features a black and Gold leather design. These bastards are active, intelligent, and mischievous! They can fit into pockets, bags and small bird cages. Perfect for any adventurer on the go!

Buy a matching chest and play roulette with friends! Enjoy the looks of horror and awe as you test their intuition. No one can tell the chests apart...Including you!

***These guys aren't available to ship yet, but I am currently working on that. Until then, please see my "Events" list to pick one up locally! This option is coming soon!

⚔️ 3"x 2"
⚔️Will Probably Bite You
⚔️Care Instructions Included
⚠️Shipping Included in Cost⚠️