Find Me @ Pop Madness 1/9/24!



I am the Mimic Curator! I rescue, and care for rare creatures known as "Mimics." I have so many eager pets awaiting their chance for love. Please adopt them and give them a loving home that isn't mine!

Rare Mimics

These guys have a unique pigment compared to the other mimics. Don't ask me why. They show up once in a while. If you want one, get it asap!


Rescued Mimics

These fellas are strays I picked up on my travels. They have wear and defects from surviving in the wild. Because of this, I'll offer you a discount. They'll require a little extra love compared to the others so I'll give you a care kit help in the healing process. Sometimes they'll be rare types too!


*I am not responsible for any lost fingers, toes, or other extremities if you purchase a mimic.