What are Mimics?

Mimics are creatures that pretend to be objects in order to attack unsuspecting humans! These Mimics immitate Treasure chests.

Do your mimics have pedigrees?

Of course they don't! What do you think this is?! They're 100% purebred spite.


Do your Mimics bite?

Yes. They're Mimics.


What are "Rare" Mimics?
These guys have a unique pigment compared to the other mimics. Don't ask me why. They show up once in a while. If you want one, get it asap!

They'll show up monthy or bi-monthly. It's the luck of the draw.


How often do Rare Mimics happen?

Sometimes monthly. Sometimes bi-monthly. It's the luck of the draw.


What are "Rescue" Mimics?

These fellas are strays I picked up on my travels. They have wear and defects from surviving in the wild. Because of this, I'll offer you a discount. They'll require a little extra love compared to the others so I'll give you a care kit to help out in the healing process.


Do you have adoption events?

Absolutely. Check my Events page to see if I'll be at a market or con near you! Come to my table and play a game to see what you win!


If you'd like me to attend an event, you can reach me through my contact page!