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Baby Mimic - Gold Chain

$20.00 - $35.00

This baby Mimic's Pigmentation features a Gold chain leather design. These jerks enjoy playing fetch and running around your study! They can fit into pockets, bags and small bird cages. Perfect for any adventurer on the go!

Buy a matching chest and play roulette with friends! Enjoy the looks of horror and awe as you test their intuition. No one can tell the chests apart...Including you!

***These guys aren't available to ship yet, but I am currently working on that. Until then, please see my "Events" list to pick one up locally! This option is coming soon!

⚔️ 3"x 2"
⚔️Will Probably Bite You
⚔️Care Instructions Included
⚠️Shipping Included in Cost⚠️